key2B s.r.o.


Communication is a key for successful business. Key2B offers you effective solutions that will address your target groups.

We are a marketing communication company active in the market since 2005. We propose and implement communication strategies, solutions, and general campaigns for our clients, helping them reach their defined goals. We are creating space for building relationships with the public, employees, shareholders, and business partners. As an advisory company with experts having long-time practice, we are able to create new communication opportunities for our clients, assert subjects, remind and prevent potential communication threats, and above all, perceive things in their interrelations.

When designing solutions, our clients appreciate not only our creativity and professionalism but also own experience of our specialists from positions of marketing managers and spokesmen in the business sector. The knowledge of our clients´ demands and requirements thus allows us to propose creative and at the same time meaningful and effective communication solutions.

We associate experts who are a guarantee of a combination of